How to Trick Your Toddler into Eating Fruits and Vegetables: TikTok Mom’s Hilarious Hacks Are What Every Parent Needs! (Watch Funny Videos)

By | August 30, 2019
How to Trick Your Toddler into Eating Fruits and Vegetables: TikTok Mom's Hilarious Hacks Are What Every Parent Needs! (Watch Funny Videos)

How to Trick Your Toddler into Eating Fruits and Vegetables- Hilarious Videos (Photo Credits: TikTok)

TikTok is filled with videos from all genres. Be is comedy, drama, or dance, TikTok has something to offer to everyone. Tutorial videos on TikTok are becoming widely popular these days. However, this exceptional mother of a toddler on TikTok, Serina Khatun will show you how’s informative tutorial done in the most fun, comic way! Having a toddler means tantrums when it comes to eating. It is a task to feed little picky eaters, healthy foods like vegetable, fruits, etc. All these moody toddlers want is chocolate, chips and other junk food anything otherwise, is received with hissy fits. But Serina Khatun is not someone who will let this overwhelm her. Her TikTok account is filled with funny, yet useful ways to feed her toddler healthy food items. BTW, check out these 10 Hilariously So-Bad-They’re-GOOD TikTok Videos! 

She makes videos featuring tricks to feed fussy eaters that will make you go LOL but then also, “Oh, yes!”. Her videos are a mix of ways to trick your toddlers into eating healthy foods and comedy, which means they are basically GOLD! Take a look at some of the funny, yet useful ways to feed your little picky eater by Serina Khatun:

Gems Candy or Pomegranate Seeds?

Here she fills a Cadbury Gems pack with pomegranate seeds to trick her toddler into thinking that it chocolates but instead feeds her pomegranate seeds. Super smart!

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Papaya Popsical Instead of the Sugary Ones

Another interesting video shows her cheekily feeding papaya to her toddler while she enjoys the regular popsicle with him, and the baby really falls for it! She just inserts a popsicle stick to a piece of papaya for her toddler whereas for herself she gets a real one.

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How To Feed Banana To Your Toddler

She uses the popsicle trick to feed her toddler bananas as well. She plunges a popsicle stick into a banana and voila!

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Bananas Disguised as Lays Chips

This woman legit cuts round slices of bananas and inserts it into an empty lays packet to trick her toddler to eat healthily. It may be funny, but surely innovative.

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Healthiest French Fries For your Kid

Serina cuts bananas in shape of french fries and tricks her toddler like a boss! But what she does next? Gets regular french fries for herself LOL (I mean GENIUS).

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Nariyal Pani (Coconut Water) as Milk

If your child shies away from drinking milk, Serina will teach you how to get it done like a charm using coconut shell.

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Baby Food Instead of Crispies

Show your toddler that you are about to feed them crispies when you actually feed them baby food. This Tik Tok mom will teach you how it is done.

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These are just a few tricks, she also makes other hilarious videos with her toddler and they are worth checking out. As per her TikTok bio, she is from Arambagh, a town in Hooghly district in the state of West Bengal, India.

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