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How to make lasting new year changes

Making lasting changes to our lifestyles, or our behaviours, is a tricky task. While our initial enthusiasm for the change might get us started, even shifting the old habits, we invariably end up relapsing back to our old ways of doing things. Which is frustrating…and disheartening. That frustration can often lead us to throw our… Read More »

Bill Turnbull health: BBC star’s dramatic lifestyle changes to help treat his disease

Bill Turnbull, 63, is a fixture on people’s TV screens and airways. The former BBC Breakfast anchor is currently presenting on the radio station Classic FM. As a much-loved journalist who has spent many years in the spotlight, it is little wonder that fans were shocked to learn of his prostate cancer diagnosis back in… Read More »

Mindfulness meditation study shows changes in neural responses to pain and fear

Participating in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program appears to alter how the brain processes fear memories. In a study that will appear in the Nov. 1 issue of Biological Psychiatry, a team led by researchers at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) report that mindfulness meditation appears to help extinguish fearful associations. A common way to… Read More »