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Can’t lose belly fat? This trainer says your hormones could be to blame

Trying hard to lose belly fat but can’t? Trainer Terry Fairclough explains how hormones and an hormonal imbalance could be the reason for stubborn fat around the middle  You’re doing everything right – eating less sugar, exercising frequently and saying no to wine o’clock. Yet, although most of your body is shaping up thanks to… Read More »

Coronavirus UK: Death toll hits 21,731 but could be 55% higher

Government will finally publish the REAL death figures: Matt Hancock announces ALL coronavirus victims will be counted in daily update – not just hospital patients as grim report suggests true tally is 55% higher and Britain suffers 586 more fatalities NHS England today declared 552 more COVID-19 deaths in hospitals and more announced across the… Read More »

Medical expenses from coronavirus could cost the US healthcare system up to $654 BILLION

Coronavirus medical expenses could cost the US up to $ 654 BILLION as the healthcare system strains to provide ventilators, hospital beds and care for patients with YEARS of complications from the virus to come, study suggests Researchers found that the average cost of coronavirus infection alone is $ 3,045, which is four times higher than… Read More »

Mediterranean diet could help you lose weight and increase life expectancy – Express

A Mediterranean diet has been praised by scientists over the years. The diet plan has been praised by dieters and scientists alike in past years. It can have great health benefits for you and can help drop the pounds. The diet takes after diets adopted by those living on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea,… Read More »