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Experimental hearing loss drug enters next phase of testing

An experimental hearing loss drug that’s delivered directly into the eardrum moved to the next phase of drug testing, reported Massachusetts-based Frequency Therapeutics, the drug’s developer, in late 2019. The experimental drug is delivered viainjection into the middle ear, whereit is absorbed by the inner ear. The drug, dubbed FX-322, is given via injection into the… Read More »

Millennium Health to provide HHS with drug testing data

The Department of Health and Human Services has entered into an agreement with Millennium Health to provide real-time drug testing data to help counter overdoses nationwide. According to HHS, data donated from Millennium Health’s Emerging Threat Intelligence Program will include regular reporting of drug use trends from definitive urine drug-test results obtained from all 50… Read More »

I’m testing an experimental drug to see if it halts Alzheimer’s

Steve Dominy led a landmark study that linked gum disease bacteria to Alzheimer’s disease. He tells New Scientist why we should stop treating medicine and dentistry separately Health 18 December 2019 Porphyromonas gingivalis bacteria can cause gum disease – and maybe Alzheimer’sA. Dowsett, Public Health England/Science Photo Library IN JANUARY, we broke the news that… Read More »

Omnicare and parent company CVS Health accused of prescription drug fraud

A lawsuit has been filed against Omnicare and parent company CVS Health alleging prescription drug fraud in the dispensing of drugs to senior citizens in assisted living and other facilities. The Department of Health and Human Services – Office of the Inspector General filed the civil healthcare fraud lawsuit on December 17. CVS acquired Omnicare… Read More »

‘What price life?’ At a cost of hundreds of thousands a dose, novel cancer-killing drug sparks debate

It’s not a cancer wonder cure. It doesn’t help every child. However, Dr. Jim Whitlock says a radical new therapy that appears to kill the most common childhood cancer is one of the most remarkable advances he has seen in his 35-plus years of practice. “We can now save children we couldn’t save before,” said… Read More »