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Using soup to fight off malaria

[unable to retrieve full-text content]An experimental study tests 56 traditional soup broths and finds that some of them contain ingredients that have antimalarial properties. Nutrition / Diet News From Medical News Today

In Congo, a New Plan to Fight Ebola Follows a Government Power Struggle

Faced with a lethal Ebola outbreak threatening eastern Africa, public health officials are conceding that their battle plan is failing and have proposed a comprehensive new strategy for containing the virus. It envisions reframing the epidemic as a regional humanitarian crisis, not simply a health emergency. That may include more troops or police to quell… Read More »

Calls for hand sanitisers to fight NSW flu

The NSW opposition is calling for hand sanitisers to be placed in public spaces to help stop the spread of the flu. NSW Health data released on Friday reveals 66 confirmed influenza deaths in the six months to June 30. Of them, 26 were in residential care facilities and among people with other significant health… Read More »