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Study finds gut microbes adapt quickly to changes in food preparation

How we prepare food matters to us, surprisingly deeply, it turns out. Scientists have recently discovered that different diets — say, high-fat versus low-fat, or plant-based versus animal-based — can rapidly and reproducibly alter the composition and activity of the gut microbiome, where differences in the composition and activity can affect everything from metabolism to… Read More »

Erectile dysfunction linked to concussions in NFL players, Harvard study finds

A player is carted off of the field after sustaining a concussion in an NFL game. Joe Robbins | Getty Images Head trauma in former NFL players may be linked to low testosterone and erectile dysfunction later in life, according to a study by Harvard researchers. More than 3,400 former professional football players, the largest… Read More »

Study finds rise in binge drinking, depression and pot use among former smokers

Rise in depression, binge drinking and pot smoking among former smokers could drive them back to cigarettes, study suggests Percentage of US adult former smokers rose from 4.4% in 2002 to 49.7% in 2016 Rates of depression among former smokers increased from 4.88% to 6.04%  Marijuana use nearly doubled from 5% to 10.09% and binge… Read More »