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Even identical twins don’t react the same way to the same foods — which is why most diet advice doesn’t work – CNBC

Image Source | Getty Images Dietary advice seems to change every decade. Fat is bad, then suddenly it’s good again. Nowadays, for many people, carbs are the enemy. But it turns out that healthy dietary guidelines can’t be boiled down into simple rules. A new crop of studies, which leverage the latest health testing and… Read More »

16 Foods You Had No Clue You Could Microwave

Food Fun & News Think your microwave is only good for heating frozen dinners? Use these microwave hacks to froth milk, soften sugar, whip up French toast, and more. Peel garlic quickly Volodymyr Plysiuk/Shutterstock Nuke garlic bulbs for 15 seconds and the skin will slide off like magic. The water in the garlic steams and… Read More »