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Rome bans souvenir stands from Colosseum, other tourist sites

Looks like we’ll have to go trinket-shopping elsewhere. Roman leaders have officially banned souvenir stands and snack bars at historic attractions, including the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. The small, mobile shops have been forbidden from operating directly at the iconic sites, in hopes of easing congestion and better protecting the monuments, The… Read More »

Abortion set to become legal in Northern Ireland from midnight tonight

Vigil takes place in Dublin as abortion becomes legal in Northern Ireland.  Abortion is set to become legal in Northern Ireland from midnight tonight. Meanwhile, same-sex marriage will become legal and will be introduced from January. MPs at Westminster voted to decriminalise both abortion and same-sex marriage – unless a new power-sharing government is in… Read More »

Trump Administration Takes First Step to Allow Drug Imports From Canada

The Trump administration said on Wednesday that it would move forward with plans to allow states to safely import prescription drugs from Canada, for the first time. The decision is an unusual one for a Republican administration. Progressives have long supported such a policy, but the pharmaceutical industry vehemently opposed drug imports by claiming they… Read More »

Hispanics in Certain Counties More Likely to Die from Heart Disease, Stroke

(Juanmonino/Getty Images) Hispanic adults who live in counties with high concentrations of their ethnic peers are about 60 percent more likely than those who don’t to die from heart disease and stroke, a new study shows. As a group, Hispanics have lower death rates from heart disease and stroke than white and black adults –… Read More »