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AP PHOTOS: In despair, French hospital interns go on strike

French hospital interns are holding an exceptional, open-ended strike to demand a better future By DANIEL COLE Associated Press December 24, 2019, 1:08 PM 3 min read MARSEILLE, France — Nestled in the cinderblock complex of Marseille’s sprawling La Timone hospital stands the intern residency building, home to a community of French student doctors holding… Read More »

Volcano victim stabilised in NSW hospital

The condition of an Australian victim caught in New Zealand’s deadly White Island volcano eruption has stabilised in a Sydney hospital. Five NSW residents in Concord Hospital and Royal North Shore Hospital remain critically ill, according to a NSW Health update on Sunday morning. Three patients evacuated from New Zealand to The Alfred hospital in… Read More »

Electronic Medical Records, Burnout, And “Man’s 4th Best Hospital”

Overworked doctor trying to focus. Getty Graduating from medical school in 1978, I started my hellish internship while reading Samuel Shem’s classic, “The House of G-d,” a scathing indictment of medical education and the mercenary incentives in patient care. I found it shocking, crude at times and disillusioning—but at its core, absolutely correct about what… Read More »