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23 Subtle Ways Your House Might Be Making You Sick

Your kitchen isn’t properly ventilated brizmaker/Shutterstock If your stove uses gas, you could be raising the level of toxic fumes while you’re cooking without even knowing it. “Carbon monoxide, a deadly gas released from gas stoves and ovens, can quickly build up in your kitchen, especially without proper ventilation,” Adler says. “Some studies suggest that… Read More »

Odyssey House sees spike in meth addicts

The number of people seeking help with their addictions to methamphetamine-type drugs such as “ice” has hit record levels at one of Australia’s major rehab services. Odyssey House NSW’s says just over half of its residential rehabilitation clients during 2017/18 said their main struggles were with the methamphetamines “ice”, speed, and base – a 10… Read More »

Hosting a House Party? Make Sure You Have These Wine Accessories on Your Bar Counter

Wine accessories to have in your bar counter (Photo credits: Pixabay) As the year-end comes near it is time for celebration and to look forward to many parties. And not all people are enthusiastic about going out and celebrating amongst the crowds. Those who enjoy house parties have to ensure that they have a good… Read More »