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Dr Miriam Stoppard: New study into possible harmful effects of paracetamol during pregnancy

There’s been a study in the US about Tylenol, paracetamol to you and me, linking it to ­causing harm to an unborn child. Paracetamol is thought of as safe by most pregnant women, and I don’t want to spread alarm, but the study is worth taking notice of. It’s from world-class researchers and it’s been… Read More »

How to Trick Your Toddler into Eating Fruits and Vegetables: TikTok Mom’s Hilarious Hacks Are What Every Parent Needs! (Watch Funny Videos)

How to Trick Your Toddler into Eating Fruits and Vegetables- Hilarious Videos (Photo Credits: TikTok) TikTok is filled with videos from all genres. Be is comedy, drama, or dance, TikTok has something to offer to everyone. Tutorial videos on TikTok are becoming widely popular these days. However, this exceptional mother of a toddler on TikTok,… Read More »

Fitbit to wade into care management in pilot this year

Dive Brief: Fitbit is launching a paid service next month, called Fitbit Premium. As part of the platform, the fitness tracker giant plans to develop personalized wellness reports allowing users to share their data with their physician, including health data trends and analyses of activity, heart rate, sleep and weight fluctuations, later this year. Fitbit… Read More »