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How you can fall asleep in seconds just by changing the way you breathe

Breathing is a reflex – an automatic, vital action that keeps us alive. But the simple trick of altering how you breathe can also help improve your health and ease all sorts of ­niggles, according to Stuart ­Sandeman, transformational breath coach and founder of Breathpod (breathpod.me). “Many people breathe in shallow and constricted patterns, limiting… Read More »

Komboffee (Kombucha x Coffee) Has Just Hit The Wellness Scene

Kombucha and booze, probiotic coffee, pho cocktails… we’ve certainly seen some interesting wellness beverage combos emerge recently. But every now and again, one comes along that really makes us think “why the heck didn’t we think of this first?” Enter, the brewing new trend of Komboffee. What is Komboffee? It’s not too difficult to guess… Read More »