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Why is diabetes bad for kidneys

Given the current weight of available evidence, it appears that while coffee could have a blood pressure increasing effect in non-habitual drinkers of coffee and in people with pre-existing hypertension, that does not seem to translate into an increased risk of kidney disease. Instead of removing the extra phosphorous, the kidneys will grab calcium from… Read More »

Not All Transplant Centers Use Deceased-Donor Kidneys, Despite Growing Need

MONDAY, Oct. 21, 2019 — Many U.S. transplant centers accept less-than-ideal kidneys from deceased donors, but their willingness to use such organs varies widely. That’s the conclusion of a study that examined the use of deceased-donor kidneys at 182 transplant centers nationwide. Researchers found big differences among them in use of less-than-ideal kidneys that was… Read More »

Grandmother, 73, speaks out after doctors wrongly removed BOTH her kidneys

‘I was not real happy about it – I feel like they owe me a kidney, that’s for sure’: Healthy grandmother had BOTH her kidneys removed after doctors misdiagnosed her with cancer Linda Woolley, of Englewood, Colorado, was diagnosed with ‘likely’ kidney cancer at the University of Colorado Hospital in March The 73-year-old grandmother underwent… Read More »