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These Cholesterol-Reducers May Save Lives. So Why Aren’t Heart Patients Getting Them?

Heart disease runs in Mackenzie Ames’s family. Her grandfather had a fatal heart attack at age 30 while dancing with her grandmother at the Elks Lodge in Bath, N.Y. Her mother had a quadruple bypass when she was 42. When Ms. Ames was just 9 years old, her LDL cholesterol level (the bad kind) was… Read More »

How Has #MeToo Affected Our Lives? According to Most of Us, It Hasn't. At All.

Since the allegations of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct in Hollywood broke open the #MeToo movement one year ago, empowered victims have stepped forward and perpetrators have been stripped of their power and taken to task. Throughout the media storm, we men have been asked to reconcile our own conduct while serving as allies. All the… Read More »