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People with HIV aged 75 and older receiving good HIV care but many at risk of frailty

People with HIV aged 75 years and older are receiving “almost perfectly managed” care, but are more likely to experience age-related health conditions, according to French research published in Médecine et maladies infectieuses. There were 65 (2%) adults living with HIV over the age of 75 in the Pays de la Loire region. Research showed that… Read More »

Couple opens new pharmacy to help people afford medications – WSAZ-TV

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — A couple working on their doctorates at the University of Charleston decided to open a pharmacy in downtown Charleston. Their unique business model has one goal in mind — to make sure everyone has access to the medicines they need. Velox Pharmacy Solutions, which opened two weeks ago in Charleston, offers… Read More »

People are posting photos of their genitals on Reddit to get STIs diagnosed by other users

‘What is wrong with my penis?’: Thousands of worried adults are posting photos of their genitals on REDDIT to get STIs diagnosed by other users instead of doctors Researchers led by the University of California, San Diego, studied the forum On the r/STD community they found around 17,000 posts from eight years Almost two thirds… Read More »

‘We try to help people:’ Independent pharmacy celebrates 60 years of business in Livonia – Hometown Life

David Veselenak Hometownlife.com Published 8:54 AM EST Nov 5, 2019 Taking a step inside the Professional Village Pharmacy is like going back in time. The Livonia pharmacy doesn’t have the aisles of snack goods, groceries or seasonal supplies one would find in a chain pharmacy. Instead, expect to find family photos and antique pharmaceutical items… Read More »

Sad, shocking: Inquiry finds Australia neglects older people

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – An inquiry into Australia’s providers of care for the elderly has found they fail to adequately look after the country’s old and vulnerable citizens, in a scathing assessment of the industry. The public investigation into mistreatment of the elderly in Australia’s A$ 20 billion ($ 14 billion) aged-care industry that began in… Read More »