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How soon can acne start in pregnancy

When Do They Increase In Size? Attend breastfeeding classes or support how soon can acne start in pregnancy, many birthing centers run excellent courses. You can’t predict it and you can’t prevent it. After the first trimester, progesterone is produced by the placenta instead of the ovaries. Androgenic hormones like progesterone stimulate your oil glands… Read More »

Can malaria treatment affect pregnancy

The placenta blocks some infectious agents, but easily passes oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Problems with this regime include the relatively complicated drug regimen, where quinine must be taken every 8 hours for 7 days. This explains why people can live for years in the tropics without being bothered by malaria. Updated CDC Recommendations… Read More »

Can Social Media Decrease Risk for Depression During Pregnancy?

In both pregnant and postpartum women, social isolation contributes to risk for and exacerbation of depressive symptoms.  Many women in this setting turn to the internet and social media as a means of securing support and information. Previous studies, mostly carried out in adolescents and young adults, have shown that social media use is associated… Read More »