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The Rise of Virtual Races

Welcome to the Running newsletter! Every Saturday morning, we email runners with news, advice and some motivation to help you get up and running. Sign up here to get it in your inbox. Dear Readers, With races around the world canceled, on hold or up in the air, a new kind of event is gaining… Read More »

Why does blood pressure rise after exercise

Other causes of exercise induced blood pressure lowering include problems with coronary arteries, there are some methods why does blood pressure rise after exercise testing out. As you might have guessed, it’s imperative to discuss all potential risk factors and side effects with your doctor. What causes the drop in blood pressure? If this happens… Read More »

Coronavirus US: Vaping may be behind rise in hospitalised young

Experts question whether vaping epidemic is behind younger adults being hospitalized with coronavirus, as it’s revealed that smokers were 14-times more at risk of their illness becoming severe Nearly 40% of hospitalized US coronavirus patients are between ages 20 and 54  One in five young American adults uses e-cigarettes regularly or occasionally  A Chinese study… Read More »

China scrambles to curb rise in imported coronavirus cases, Wuhan eases lockdown

BEIJING (Reuters) – China reported 46 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, while the city of Wuhan, the pandemic’s ground zero, announced it would be loosening a two-month lockdown by gradually resuming public transportation and allowing healthy people to resume work. It was the fourth day in a row with an increase in Chinese cases, all… Read More »

Concerns rise that the system for diagnosing epidemics is failing

Bloomberg—How big is the coronavirus outbreak? A lot bigger than we were initially told, it turns out. On Thursday, confirmed cases of Covid-19 in China’s Hubei Province—the epidemic’s epicenter—jumped by almost 15,000. It’s not that there was a sudden wave of new infections. Rather, the increase reflects a change in how China counts patients; it… Read More »