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Herbs for Stress Management

—What would it look like if everyone got along work and was civil? Well, we live and work with so many types of people—some who act nice and some who behave with antagonism towards others in the workplace. If you are dreading going to work because you must deal with uncivil coworkers, bosses or employees,… Read More »

Medical News Today: What is acute stress disorder?

Acute stress disorder is a mental health condition that can occur immediately after a traumatic event. It can cause a range of psychological symptoms and, without recognition or treatment, it can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. There is a close relationship between acute stress disorder (ASD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some people develop PTSD… Read More »

Mindfulness Meditation Lowers Stress

In our books we teach mindfulness meditation to combat stress and to promote health. We know that it is effective based upon our experience and the experience of participants in our programs. Now there is scientific proof that meditation is effective. Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center randomly assigned 89 people with anxiety disorders to… Read More »