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How to manage stress in life and work

Seventy-five percent of people report they regularly feel a significant physical and psychological impact of stress on their lives. We are told stress is a normal part of life, but when does it become a problem? General practitioner Dr Jill Gamberg said acute stress is not bad for us – this is our fight or… Read More »

Maternal stress may lead to early childhood obesity, study reveals

The emotional stress and depression a mother goes during and after pregnancy may lead her baby to gain more weight compared to their peers and even cause childhood obesity, a recent study has revealed. The study, conducted by German and American medical experts from Germany’s Charité Medical School and published in the BMC Public Health… Read More »

Herbs for Stress Management

—What would it look like if everyone got along work and was civil? Well, we live and work with so many types of people—some who act nice and some who behave with antagonism towards others in the workplace. If you are dreading going to work because you must deal with uncivil coworkers, bosses or employees,… Read More »