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Cholesterol: Do you have high cholesterol? Eat these six foods to lower your cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in a person’s blood and cells. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is the unhealthy kind of cholesterol often referred to as “bad”. Over time, high levels of LDL cholesterol can damage a person’s arteries, contribute to heart disease, and increase their risk having a stroke. As Rob Hobson, head of nutrition… Read More »

‘We can’t let these people be on the streets’: Trump stresses necessity of mental institutions

President Trump expressed interest in rebuilding mental institutions while responding to questions about the recent mass shootings on Thursday. “We can’t let these people be on the streets,” Trump said on his way to a campaign rally in New Hampshire. Answering questions about various topics including gun control legislation, the president asserted, “We’re looking at… Read More »

These health-tech veterans want to avert the next Theranos disaster with ‘medical diligence’ – CNBC

Ruby Gadelrab and Jill Hagenkord of MDisrupt Ruby Gadelrab and Jill Hagenkord Before Theranos raised hundreds of millions of dollars, forged a partnership with Walgreens and started using its flawed blood-testing technology with patients, a thorough due diligence process might have raised red flags about the company’s methods and practices. Two industry executives — Ruby… Read More »