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Antibiotic Resistance: 5 Things to Know

Antibiotic resistance has been found in all regions of the world. Modern trade and travel mean it can move easily across borders, and can spread in places like hospitals, farms, the community, and the environment. Tell your healthcare provider if you recently traveled to or received care in another country. New Links on MedlinePlus

Barbara Scully: ‘Kate Moss was wrong… there are some things that taste better than skinny feels’

So, there are always bananas in my house. But the problem with bananas is that they go soft very quickly, and I like a firm banana. So along with my firm bananas there are usually a couple of ‘gone beyond’ bananas which languish, unloved and untouched. In the past this hasn’t been a problem as… Read More »

3 Subtle Things Men Do to Show Confidence

“What are some subtle things men do that show they have a lot of confidence?” one user posted to Reddit yesterday. It’s a simple question, but one that requires a thoughtful response, and the people of Reddit delivered. Dozens of women across the globe answered the question thoroughly, and in a mere 24 hours, the… Read More »