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See Family by the Ton's Casey Work Out With a Personal Trainer for the First Time

Casey King has been very honest in his journey battling obesity on the latest season of TLC’s Family by the Ton (airing Wednesday nights), the spinoff of the hit reality series My 600-lb Life. The 700-pound 34-year-old from Georgia is ready to dramatically change his lifestyle in order to lose weight, including adopting a new… Read More »

Well: War Wounds That Time Alone Can’t Heal

Video “Almost Sunrise” In a clip from “Almost Sunrise,” Katinka Hooyer, a medical anthropologist and postdoctoral research fellow in Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, talks about the meaning of love and feeling moral pain. By THOUGHTFUL ROBOT PRODUCTIONS on Publish Date June 5, 2016. embed No doubt in the course… Read More »

Quinn on Nutrition | Most of the time habits – Monterey County Herald

It’s still January. How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Nutrition experts tell us our biggest challenge to long term health is sticking to a plan for the long term. Not that our intentions aren’t honorable. It’s just that words like “routine” and “consistency” don’t often match life’s erratic and unpredictable circumstances. How ‘bout… Read More »