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Study identifies potential drug treatments for telomere diseases

Capping decades of research, a new study may offer a breakthrough in treating dyskeratosis congenita and other so-called telomere diseases, in which cells age prematurely. Using cells donated by patients with the disease, researchers at the Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center identified several small molecules that appear to reverse this cellular aging process.… Read More »

The best treatments for teen acne, according to dermatologists – NBC News

If you made it through your teens without a breakout, consider yourself something of a unicorn. Acne, a skin disorder that primarily affects the face, shoulders, chest and back, plagues an estimated 80 percent of people between ages 11 and 30 at some point, according to The National Institutes for Health. Fueled by fluctuating hormones… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Laser Treatments

Pros and Cons of Laser Treatments Pros and Cons of Laser Treatments : To be honest, not every single treatment is faulty and vice versa. When it comes to hair removal issues, people tend to look into many ways to sort out their hair-related issues. Well, there’s nothing wrong in doing your homework before testing out… Read More »