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‘A bad hangover used to be my favourite accessory’ – our changing relationship with alcohol

I am the child of a mixed marriage. My mother doesn’t drink at all, and never has; my father drank like most Irishmen of his generation: in a way that seems excessive now, but was within the bounds of ‘normal’ back then. My mother may not have drunk alcohol, but she was tolerant of drink.… Read More »

What is the ‘Iron Lung’ machine used for?

Polio survivor uses one of only three ‘iron lungs’ still in use 82-year-old polio survivor Mona Randolph uses one of only three “iron lungs” known to still be in use in the U.S. The iron lung, which was invented in 1920s, was often used on polio patients who were unable to breathe after the virus… Read More »

How Watchmen Used Mesmerism to Solve a Major Mystery Around Judd and Will

Spoiler alert: the following article contains spoilers for Watchmen‘s sixth episode. Do not continue reading if you haven’t watched yet! The concept of Mesmerism was a key to revealing Watchmen‘s biggest mystery yet. It tied in, also, with Will’s memories of 1938. Heading to its stretch run, Watchmen is about to start paying off in… Read More »

15 studies retracted due to fears they used Chinese prisoners’ organs

By Clare Wilson Campaigners say organs are being taken from prisoners in ChinaGetty Fifteen studies about transplanted organs by researchers in China have been retracted this month due to concerns the work may have used organs from executed prisoners. Three other papers have been the subject of expressions of concern for the same reason, according… Read More »