Urine Odour: From Dehydration to UTI, 7 Reasons Your Pee Smells Weird Suddenly

By | July 20, 2019
Urine Odour: From Dehydration to UTI, 7 Reasons Your Pee Smells Weird Suddenly

We are all familiar with what our urine smells like. But what when your pee smells a little off? Nobody likes a bathroom surprise, especially the out-of-the-norm smell. But before you get anxious and rush to your doctor, take a deep breath. While there are chances that you may suffer from a serious health problem, there are also totally harmless reasons why your pee is of the nose-stinging variety. Read on to find out why your pee smells differently than normal.

1 You Are Dehydrated

Dehydration is the number one cause of pungent urine. It is your body’s way of telling you that you need to rehydrate. Don’t wait until your urine turns a shade darker to add extra H2O to your diet. Always keep a water bottle handy so that you can drink water as often as you can.

2 You Have UTI

If your pee has a strong ammonia smell, it could well be a urinary tract infection. The bacteria can also make your urine appear cloudy with a telltale burning sensation. Talk to your doctor immediately if you suspect a UTI. Urinary tract infection and antibiotic resistance: the dos and don’ts of treating urine infection.

3 You Ate Something Weird

Have you ever noticed that your pee smells off after drinking alcohol? Certain foods like onions, garlic, Brussels sprouts and coffee can change the smell of your pee. A high-salt diet can also make your urine more concentrated causing a stronger smell.

4 Diabetes is Lurking

Diabetes can cause you to urinate more frequently and it is one of the first ways it manifests in your bathroom. If your pee smells fruity, it is because of the excess sugar excreted by your kidneys. You may want to get your blood sugar checked if you find yourself running to the toilet too often. Eat only twice a day to reverse diabetes: professor Dr Jagganath Dixit to popularise revolutionary diet plan.

 5 You Are Ovulating

Your pee may smell stronger when you are ovulating. While the hormones estrogen and progesterone do not necessarily change the odour of your urine, they can make the scent of ammonia more noticeable.

6 You Are A To-be Mum

Your hormones change everything when you are pregnant. When you are pregnant, your urine can have a more pungent smell from the hormones produced during pregnancy. So don’t get surprised by the pungent smell after relieving yourself.

7 You May Have an STD

Along with all their discomforts STDs also bring along a lot of smell in your urine. Chlamydia is the most common culprit of smelly urine. If you suspect STD, screen yourself immediately instead of waiting for other symptoms to show.

The best way to keep your pee smelling normal is to drink a lot of water, increase your intake of vitamin C in your diet and eat a lot of probiotics. And if you are still getting the pungent smell, go and consult your doctor.

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