5 Design Starting Points for Your Small Kitchen

By | February 18, 2020
5 Design Starting Points for Your Small Kitchen

5 Design Starting Points for Your Small Kitchen : Designing a kitchen is a delight! It is the place in your home where quite a lot of joy is created. If you have been dreaming of a brand-new space with a large island and unlimited storage, therefore, you are not alone.

However, many homeowners and renters have small kitchens, which can be challenging to keep functional and beautiful at the same time. If you are in this category and are looking for design ideas, these five tips will give you a great place to start

  1. A functional plan

    A functional plan of Kitchen
    A functional plan of Kitchen

    A practical layout is essential in any size of space, but it is crucial in a small one. Make sure the plan you go with gives easy access to frequently used facilities like your sink, refrigerator, and stovetop. Look at the cabinetry to ensure you can easily access the content inside.

    Every aspect of the layout can make the difference between a small kitchen you love and one you despise.

  2. One-color palette

    One-color palette for Kitchen
    One-color palette for Kitchen

    Using too many colors in a small space can feel overwhelming. So, choose a palette of uniform shades and use them creatively to make your space feel larger and more inviting than it is. For the kitchen below, natural wood tones blend perfectly with the white, gray and black elements to make the small kitchen neat, consistent and visually roomy.

  3. Lighting

    Lighting in kitchen
    Lighting in kitchen

    If your kitchen is small, it is important that your lighting contributes to making it look and feel spacious and stylish. No island to hang pendants over? Hang one above your sink to add another level of lighting. Install some scones above your open shelving or a window and add flush mounts on the ceiling to increase the overall brightness of the space.

  4. Functional accessories

    Functional accessories in Kitchen

    When space is limited, every accessory must have a purpose. Your blender, mixer, and toaster do not always need to be on the countertop, so put them away, and replace them with, perhaps, a beautiful crock for utensils, pretty jars for treats, or a brush set for scrubbing.

  5. A punchy design

    A punchy design of kitchen

    Sometimes when space is limited, a bold design can make it look grand. Pay attention to the details, from the cabinetry to the windows and see how you can make each element a feature in the design. Several design pieces can be overwhelming in a large kitchen, but in a small one like the kitchen below, it works.

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5 Design Starting Points for Your Small Kitchen

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