5 Significant Health Benefits Of Sleeping Early

By | August 27, 2018

A proper sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle because it can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more. However, getting your zzz’s earlier rather than later has even more benefits.

Here are some significant health benefits of early sleep that encourage you to actually go to bed early.

1. Help you lose weight

People who stay up late also tend to eat late. They eat even when they are not hungry, which causes them to gain some extra pounds. Also, if you binge at midnight, you will be more likely to skip your breakfast the following day, which is another factor for your weight gain. Therefore, to maintain healthy weight, it should be better if you go to bed early, getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night.


2. Relieve stress

Not only does a good and early sleep help you maintain your weight but it also helps relieve physical stress of the body at many levels. It keeps you fresh all day, relaxing your mind, getting rid of tensions as well as making you feel more active.


3. Improve heart health

Your heart will stay healthy if you get enough sleep each night. According to a study conducted in Japan, people who go to bed after midnight have significantly more arterial stiffening than those who go to bed at a more reasonable hour. Therefore, by sleeping early, you can maintain a normal cholesterol level and blood pressure level, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease.


4. Improve your memory

Another health benefit of sleeping early is enhancing your memory. While sleeping, you can improve your memory or practice skills learned when you’re awake. Plus, a sound sleep can also increase the concentration level, enhancing your memory power.

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5. Drink less

If you stay up late, you tend to chug caffeinated drinks at night, which can affect badly on your sleep. By sleeping early, you can decrease the consumption of caffeine, which is a good thing for your health and your sleep.


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