Boost Your Memory

By | May 7, 2019

mushrooms for memory

Is it possible to boost your memory? Without doubt your brain responds to exercise just as the rest of your body responds to exercise. Keep your mind active by using it, and we don’t mean by sitting on the couch watching television.


What about the over the counter products that claim to improve your memory. They probably do not improve your memory although for certain they deplete your pocket book. Don’t be taken in by the claim that studies have shown the beneficial effects of the product. Studies are not credible if they performed by the manufacturer.


With all of this in mind we were interested by a little bit of research performed at the National University of Singapore. They reported that participants who consumed one or two 5-ounce portions of mushrooms a week had a 43 % lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment impairment and those who ate more than two portions a week had a 52% lower risk.


Take this at face value. We are neither advocating nor discouraging you from eating more mushrooms and most certainly we are not talking about hallucinogenic mushrooms. Hopefully we will learn more about this topic in the near term.




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