Hair Removal Hacks for the Smooth Skin You’ve Always Wanted

By | July 11, 2019
Hair Removal Hacks for the Smooth Skin You’ve Always Wanted

Tips to get best results after hair removal (Photo Creidts: Instagram/dariadevine/

Hair removal is a very serious subject for some people. People try to find various ways to make their skin look smooth and try to make it shine like supermodels on magazine covers and on our Instagram pages. But, no matter how hard we try, there are some mistakes and lack of precaution that will never give us the skin we desire. We have some tips for you to get the best results after waxing or shaving. Eyebrow Threading and Acne: 3 Pimple Prevention Tips You’ve Never Heard Before.

Tired of not getting the closest shave you wished for? Tired of wax bumps? Try these skin prep and aftercare tips for the best outcome. Monsoon 2019 Foot Care: How to Keep Your Feet Neat and Clean in the Rains.

For Shaving

If you’re someone who can’t tolerate the pain of waxing, try this technique for the smoothest and closest shave.


Any procedure on your skin calls for skin prep. Try to get rid of all the dead cells on the surface of your skin with exfoliating before starting to shave. This will help you get rid of ingrown hair and thus get rid that hair as well when you start shaving. Exfoliating has major skin benefits and regular exfoliation will give you the supermodel skin we all envy.

Post Shave Mask

This is for the smaller areas with pigmentation you want to get rid of, like your knees and armpits. Right after you’re done with your shave, pat dry that area clean. Try brightening masks and use them on your hyperpigmentation. This will be more effective now as there is no barrier between the mask and your skin and the benefits will reach deep into the skin. Try this two-three times a week and notice a difference. If you don’t have any brightening mask, try making one with lemon as an ingredient in it.

For Waxing

If you like a super smooth look and prefer waxing, here’s how to save your skin from painful wax rash and keep your skin smooth.

Soap, Not Powder

Every time you powder your skin before waxing, you’re letting powder enter your open pores right after stripping your hair out. Next time you decide to wax body, keep a clean cloth and a wet clean cloth nearby. Every time you start getting sweaty or oily, just clean your skin with the wet cloth followed by the dry one and continue waxing. Keep your skin as clean as you can while waxing.

Say No to Moisturiser Right After Waxing

Say no to your beautician if she tries to moisturise your skin right after the wax. Wait for some time. Rub some toner on your skin if you can, instead. Or maybe try masking. Give your skin some time to get used to it before clogging your pores with the product.

These are some tried and tested hacks that are being recommended. There’s not an instant difference with the hacks. Like every other skin care procedure, this will take some time to improve your skin. Use these tips every time you remove body hair again.

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