Ativan intensol 2mg //ml in ug //ulozto_cz

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: Ativan intensol 2mg //ml in ug //ulozto_cz

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    Like any red blooded American, as soon as I was prescribed this drug, I immediately googled it on the web and saw countless horror stories. I read about all the terrible things that happened to people while on Ativan, and to be honest I haven't had any of the problems people say it caused. Back in Aug I was diagnosed GAD and my doctor prescribed to me Ativan .5mg to help cope with my anxiety. I started out at 2mg per day for the first week, but then felt good enough to drop that to 1.5mg and then to just 1mg by week three. By week 4 I was down to .5mg only at night, which is where I'm at right now. I'll be dropping it down to .3 by the end of next week. Ativan has been the ONLY anxiety drug I've taken lately that hasn't tried to kill me. Celexa even at a small dosage gave me the early symptoms of serotonin syndrome. Buspar made me incredibly ill, but my .5 Ativan helps me sleep in a pinch. I'm not keen on staying on this benzo, however if I need to, I think I'll move to Klonopin. In the end my experience has been more than pleasant, and as I'm gradually tapering off the drug, I haven't had really any nasty side effects. As my doctor told me, most of the horror stories are caused by people who didn't follow instructions. Didn't take the drug as prescribed, and or expected the drug to resolve the anxiety issues. As my doc says, the drug helps you do 25% of the work, but it's up to you to resolve the rest of the 75%. This drug isn't for everybody, especially those with drug addiction issues, but if you take it just as the doctor instructs and go in with the mindset to taper yourself off, then I highly recommend it (at least for a short period of time (no more than three months)

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