It’s Official: A New Episode of ‘Tiger King’ Is Airing This Weekend

By | April 9, 2020

Whether it’s further evidence of quarantine time-warping or the best news you’ve received all day, it’s now official: Netflix’s Tiger King is, apparently, never going to end. Or, anyway, it won’t end without one last hurrah. Netflix confirmed rumors that the beloved, bananas docuseries is getting an eighth episode, hosted by Joel McHale, to premiere on April 12.

The episode, titled The Tiger King and I (is it going to be a musical??), was announced via Netflix’s official Twitter, in a video featuring a shirtless McHale, which is a choice. Modeling an animal-print scarf, a cowboy hat, and the word “Netflix” Sharpie-tattooed above his, erm, pelvis, McHale delivered the news with his thumbs tucked into his belt buckle. We take this as further scientific evidence of what quarantine does to the human brain.

Anywho, McHale promises new interviews with characters including Joel and Lauren Lowe, the new owners of the G.W. Zoo, whose moral issues we’d love to see unpacked; John Finlay, Joe Exotic’s one-time lover/polygamous husband; Saff Saffery, who worked at the zoo with Joe; Rick Kirkam, Joe’s producer; and more. The apparent “aftershow” will explore “what’s happened in their lives since the release of the series.”

Considering the drama that’s gone down since Tiger King went live—$ 94 million lawsuits; reopened investigations; contentious statements; misgendered sources; a new Joe Exotic true-crime series in the works; a fresh set of teeth—we have no doubt McHale had lots of questions to ask. But what more is there to explore, really? Joe Exotic’s still in jail. Carole Baskin is still running her animal rescue. I’ve been humming Joe Exotic’s “I Saw A Tiger” to myself over breakfast every day for the last two weeks. Will I ever know peace?

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By the way, there’s no word on whether Joe himself, Carole Baskin or Doc Antle will appear in this eighth installment. But given the millions of viewers who have tuned in to the series since its debut on March 20, you can bet that, regardless, we’ll all be glued to our screens come this weekend. We just can’t help ourselves.

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