No good vibrations in sex toy copycat battle

By | June 14, 2020

A sex-toy company is being rubbed the wrong way by a competitor’s vibrators.

American Latex Corp. claims New Jersey-based NassToys is coming too close for comfort to its own products with a line of vibrators that go by brand names like “Touch Me” and “Touch Extreme.”

Based in North Bergen, NassToys bills itself as the “Ultimate Lovetoy company,” and imports more than 1,200 “pleasure products,” including its “Touch” vibrators, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and pastel shades, all promising “discreet” self-love opportunities for as little as $ 37 on Amazon.

California-based American Latex — which produces a line of distinctive, energetically named “Rabbit” vibrators retailing around $ 18 — warned NassToys in 2018 that their “Touch” products violated its patent for an “interactive massaging device.”

But NassToys stayed hands on, ignoring the warning and prompting American Latex to sue in Manhattan Federal Court.

American Latex wants a judge to put a stop to NassToys “Touch” products and any good vibrations they produce, along with unspecified money damages.

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