Reality TV Star Lisa Appleton In A Candid Chat With WF

By | November 21, 2019

Reality star who rose to fame after appearing in Big Brother 9 in 2008. In 2016 she appeared on the television documentary On Benefits: Living the High Life.

In August 2017, Lisa unveiled her new look after she underwent major “body” plastic surgery costing £10,000.

The Big Brother star was pictured with bandages on her face for weeks after the treatments but says it was worth it as she now looks “20 years younger”.

Revealing her body transformation to Closer magazine, Lisa said she has also dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 and is loving her new look.

Women Fitness President catches up with Reality TV Star talking about her journey in the world of glamour and entertainment.

Namita Nayyar:

You are a former bodybuilder and fitness fanatic, who appeared first on Gladiators as a contestant and then on the 2008 series of Big Brother. Walk us through this spectacular journey and tell us how it all began?

Lisa Appleton:

Growing up I was an athlete and a member of Warrington athletic club where I competed in track events, cross country and marathons, I won many competitions and was heading for county trials till I got injured when I was 15 and had to stop training for a while, I was gutted as I was a member of gymnastics club and swimming club too, my dad was an athlete and rugby player which inspired me to train in athletics, taking after my dad, I won many athletic races cross country and marathons. 

After my daughter was born in 1990 I was 21 at the time I decided to start training in a body building gym to tone up and put weight on! The hard labour gym in Latchford has been my second home for 20 years big part of my life. I was lucky to be trained and motivated by the late John Pritchard followed by his son David Pritchard who our professional at body building , fitness and nutrition.

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Soon I was shaping up and was asked to appear on ITVs body heat, a gladiator type show. I auditioned and got picked for it proving super fit strength and stamina and beat Olympic athlete Tessa Sanderson on a gruelling virtual 3 half mile mountain bike ride! Soon after I was picked for Fear Factor U.K. A competitive daring stunt show between 2 teams, I have always had that adventure and energy in me to achieve success in fitness, soon after I upped my body building and won Miss Wigan and came 3rd in Miss Stoke whilst juggling motherhood with training. It was challenging at times however rewarding! I auditioned for Gladiators and they rang me up showing interest, saying I stood out in the crowd and looked more like a gladiator than a contestant and would I be interested in training as a gladiator, the show unfortunately was axed that year due to too many injuries that had taken place! For a while I attended events as a look alike gladiator which was great fun and took part in some charity and TV events where the gladiators were taking part into! I continued auditioning for tv shows as I enjoyed the thrill & buzz of travelling, socialising and entertaining!

I appeared on many TV quiz shows in the grid with Les Dennis, golden balls hosted by Lez Dennis, golden lot with Carol Verdamon and many other TV shows, but nothing could prepare me for the life challenging hit reality show Big Brother I auditioned ‘they loved me’ at the audition process I stood out in the crowd and came across very different diverse with my natural ability to entertain and character! 

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