Reducing Weight with Pranayama

By | September 29, 2018

How to reduce weight? Has this question become the pivot of your life? Then calm down, take a deep breath and read on. You ideally would have tried all the common crunches, pushups, sit-ups etc. the local gym would also have been/ be on your agenda, but what if the key lied in your life support system, the respiratory system. Surprised? Aren’t the digestive system responsible for all that fat breakdown and stuff, and your workout helped in consuming that energy and trimming down flabs? Then where did the respiratory system come in?

Actually, the key to the much overrated metabolism rate is Oxygen, the life giver. Consider metabolism as taking food and converting it into energy, then oxygen is the driving force of this mechanism. You would have heard and read a lot about sluggish metabolism rate and fat accumulation due to it, but the main factor driving this process is O2. Thus, simple Pranayama practices can actually help you lose belly fat.

  • Deep breathing fosters oxidizing process which helps in burning fat cells
  • Increased O2 supply boosts our energy level and reduces fatigue rate, encouraging more strenuous workouts
  • Pranayama triggers the secretion of thyroid gland which is responsible for regulating metabolism. 
  • Some breathing techniques can massage and exert your abdomen area, thereby helping you lose belly fat.
Thus, with all these benefits, enlisted are a few Pranayama techniques that you can include within your weight loss program for faster results.


Sit cross legged on a mat on floor. Straighten up your spine and put your chin slightly up. Put your hands on both knees in a relaxed position. Relax your abdomen muscles completely, and inhale deeply. Now exhale out in short whiffs as if you are snorting. During the practice you will feel your abdomen pulling in each time. Initially you can begin with 30 to 40 snorts each time, but with practice you can go up to 5- 10 minutes at a stretch. However, this should be avoided if you have your menstrual cycles, are a heart patient or have high blood pressure.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Sit cross legged, one leg over the other (Padmasana) and relax. Rest your hands on your knees and let tips of your thumb and index finger touch each other (Gyan Mudra). Now take a deep breath and exhale it out with force through your nose. If you are a heart patient or have high blood pressure, consult your doctor before practicing it.

Deep Breathing

Consciously, make this a habit to take deep breaths when you are not doing any heavy physical habit. Make sure that your abdomen inflates as you inhale and vice versa. You can do that whenever you remember, and once you have deliberated a cycle, it will continue until you sleep or get out of breath. It has many benefits, including weight loss.

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