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The hidden warning sign of skin cancer under your nails exposed – Dr Sarra issues advice

How is skin cancer treated? Skin cancer treatment depends on the the type of cancer you have, the stage of the cancer (its size and how far it has spread) and your general health. According to the NHS, surgery is the main treatment for melanoma. “Surgical excision is usually done using local anaesthetic, which means… Read More »

Not all advice is made equal

Not all advice is helpful or timely. And not all advice is worthwhile. Despite that there is no shortage of people offering judgement, opinion and direction. For each and every challenge we face during our life journey we will find any number of individuals and organisations suggesting ways we can do it better, easier or… Read More »

For the COVID-vaccinated in Canada, a void in public health advice: ‘They seem to be working on it’

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Health Canada With 9.5 million combined doses due to be delivered by the end of March, many will soon be wondering, I’ve had my shot, now what? Author of the article: Sharon Kirkey Publishing date: Mar 25, 2021  •  22 hours ago  •  4 minute read  •  167 Comments “It’s a little… Read More »

So should we be wearing face masks? Health Secretary Matt Hancock says advice hasn’t changed

Health chiefs insist there is NO NEED for ‘well people’ to wear face masks – despite US officials advising ALL Americans to wear them when they are outside Mr Hancock said UK was still advising health people not to wear the face masks Comes despite US dramatically switching its stance on mask wearing overnight  It… Read More »

10 secret health hacks doctors tell friends – and it’s advice more people should know

Medical experts give us their Top 10 pieces of advice they think we should know. 1. BLOOD PRESSURE: If your doctor wants to prescribe medication to reduce blood pressure, ask for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) where blood pressure is measured at intervals over 24 hours at home first, advises Professor Gareth Beevers, from Blood… Read More »