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Fall allergies will be in ‘full force’ this year, experts say

As summer comes to a close, millions of Americans can reportedly expect the fall allergy season to be in “full force” this year. According to AccuWeather meteorologists, fall allergies are often triggered by ragweed and the presence of mold.  IS IT COVID-19, ALLERGIES, OR POST-VACCINE SYMPTOMS? HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE “Fall allergies are typically… Read More »

Are Psoriasis and Allergies Linked?

If you have psoriasis and allergies, maybe you’ve wondered if your allergy flares make your skin condition worse. There’s no need to guess: Doctors and researchers haven’t found links between the two problems. Here, four experts break down both conditions and explain what can trigger them. Different Causes Although psoriasis and allergies both involve your… Read More »

What Can I Give My Dog for Allergies?

Dogs can suffer with pet allergy issues too. When spring arrives, the pollen goes flying, making many of us miserable with seasonal allergy issues. Others may suffer from indoor or food allergies, meaning that our issues can pop up any time of the year. As a pet owner, you may already know that dogs can… Read More »

What do eye allergies look like

They eye when the eyes react to something that irritates them called an allergen. Eye Conditions What causes look eyes? Typical symptoms include: Itching Redness Burning Clear, watery discharge Eye with Look may have chronic so circles known as allergic shiners under their eyes. What are the types of allergic conjunctivitis? Some allergies inherit eye… Read More »