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Sydney teacher among four NSW virus cases

NSW Health is investigating a locally-acquired case of COVID-19 – a man in his twenties – as four new infections were confirmed throughout the state. It brings an end to the state’s two-week streak of having no recorded community-transmitted infections. “It is understood this case did not attend any recent mass gathering, including protests,” NSW… Read More »

How the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for class consciousness among physicians

What labor struggles do a grocery worker, custodian, and doctor in the United States have in common? A few months ago, many people’s answers may have been – not much. But ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our shared challenges are becoming ever more apparent. The pandemic is revealing that physicians, under our current for-profit… Read More »

Coronavirus: Headache, loss of taste among list of 6 new possible COVID-19 symptoms, according to CDC – KGO-TV

When the coronavirus outbreak began, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed cough, shortness of breath and fever as possible symptoms for the newly-discovered virus. Now, the organization is adding six new possible symptoms to its list, including headache, chills and loss of taste or smell. These possible symptoms, added Sunday, are: Repeated shaking… Read More »