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What are the health benefits of CBD Oil?

Author Shyam Kotecha Published May 26, 2020 Word count 891 CBD Oil has enjoyed much popularity in recent years. Think tanks like “Global Markets Insights” predict the CBD Oil market will be worth $ 89 billion by 2026 (Health Europa). One particular area of growth has been in Europe who account for 25% of global… Read More »

5 Benefits and Side Effects of the Keto Diet

5 Benefits and Side Effects of the Keto Diet : Most people, when they hear the word ‘keto’, think ‘lose weight.’ This is what social media has been feeding us; pictures of before and after adopting the ketosis diet plan. If losing weight is your intent, then start swapping cereals with eggs and bacon, fasting for… Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Parsley Tea?

Table of Contents What Is Parsley Tea? 8 Parsley Tea Benefits How to Make Parsley Tea Take a Sip of This Mint-Infused Parsley Tea Parsley Tea Side Effects How to Pick Fresh Parsley for Your Tea Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Parsley Tea Often used for garnishing meals and improving flavor, parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is… Read More »

Benefits of a Slow Rep Workout

If your goal is hypertrophy or increasing muscle size, try to focus on slow rep workout to build muscle. When you do a slow rep workout, muscles experience a greater time under tension than they would if you were doing fast reps. Time under tension refers to the amount of time a muscle is under… Read More »

Medicare for All would provide far more benefits than universal healthcare in other countries

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders frequently points to success stories in other developed countries when pushing for his Medicare for All healthcare plan. “I want to end the international embarrassment of the United States of America being the only major country on Earth that doesn’t guarantee healthcare to all people as a right, not a… Read More »