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What exercise can help you sleep better

A regular exercise routine can help most people to sleep better. According to the Sleep Foundation, studies have shown that those who experience chronic insomnia and begin regular exercise can both fall asleep up to 13 minutes faster and stay asleep for 18 minutes longer. REM SLEEP LOWER IN MIGRAINE SUFFERERS: STUDY The organization said… Read More »

How switching to psychiatry made me understand suicide far better [PODCAST]

“I realized that training in psychiatry would give me the opportunity to understand suicide far better, and hopefully allow me to make a difference at an earlier stage. My exposure to psychiatry in medical school was clearly not enough. I was ill-equipped to fully grasp when individuals begin to have thoughts of suicide and when… Read More »

Better Access to Birth Control Boosts Graduation Rates

By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, May 6, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Access to free or low-cost birth control may be an important factor in improving young women’s futures, according to new research from Colorado. When access to affordable birth control increased, the percentage of young women leaving high school before graduation dropped by double… Read More »

How to help siblings get along better

But experts say parents don’t have to put up with the bickering and the fights: There are strategies and techniques to help brothers and sisters get along better, strengthening a relationship that will support them for life and make for a more harmonious home. Given the enforced proximity that is still a reality for many… Read More »