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Woman, 63, born with 19 TOES and 12 fingers

Woman, 63, who was born with 19 TOES and 12 fingers reveals she can’t leave her house because her neighbours think she is a witch Kumar Nayak, 63, from India, was born with the abnormality polydactyly The birth defect causes extra fingers and toes and can be operated on But Ms Nayak, of Odisha, India, has… Read More »

California couple whose son was born to wrong parents in IVF mix-up sue clinic

A second lawsuit involving one of the three couples whose in vitro fertilization process resulted in embryos implanted in the wrong woman is suing the California fertility clinic after they discovered their biological son was born to another set of parents who live in New York. Anni and Ashot Manukyan, who claim they found out about their… Read More »

First 3-parent baby born in clinical trial to treat infertility

3-parent techniques were developed to help mothers avoid passing on mitochondrial disease to their childrenSPL/Getty Images By Helen Thomson A Greek woman has given birth to a baby boy using a controversial technique that combines DNA from three people, in the first clinical trial of its kind to treat infertility. The boy was born on… Read More »