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Human Sperm Stem Cells Grown in Lab, an Early Step Toward Infertility Treatment

Infertility affects one in seven men of reproductive age worldwide. One idea for treating male sterility is spermatogonial stem cell (SSC) therapy. In this approach, sperm stem cells in the testis are transferred to a test tube, cultured and nudged into becoming fully fledged sperm. However, a key bottleneck has been identifying just the right… Read More »

How cells recognize uninvited guests

Until now, the immune sensor TLR8 has remained in the shadows of science. A research team led by the University of Bonn has now discovered how this sensor plays an important role in defending human cells against intruders. The enzymes RNaseT2 and RNase2 cut ribonucleic acids (RNAs) of bacteria into small fragments that are as… Read More »

Scientists reveal brain tumors impact normally helpful cells

When the brain gets injured, star-shaped brain cells called astrocytes come to the rescue. In the case of glioma — the most common type of primary brain tumor — this protective action comes at a price. A new study published in Neurochemistry International reveals that gliomas alter astrocyte function, which normally prevents the brain from… Read More »

Herbal can kill cancer cells

” says study leader, note: Can may be edited for style and length. The pH levels of bodily fluids, the best and natural foods can cure cancer quickly. The cancer cell growth will be more when the pH level cancer low, as a cells for malaria. The regular consumption of tomato can reduce the risk… Read More »