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5 Hacks That’ll Have You Leaving Christmas Lunch With *More* Energy

Olivia utilises her background in psychology, physiology and nutrition to improve sleep, reduce stress and optimise productivity. Sign up for her free Sleep Solution E-Support or email her at enquiries@oliviaarezzolo.com.au and find out how she can help you. As a sleep specialist, improving energy and optimising sleep go hand in hand. Foods that contribute to… Read More »

‘My family drive me bonkers when I go home for Christmas – by Boxing Day I have turned into a sulky teenager’

Louise from London, 32, says she dreads going home for Christmas as it always leaves her in a foul mood. Can this Christmas be any different? Healthista Collective expert Sally Brown had some advice The Problem: Dear Sally, Every Christmas I go back to my parents’ house on Christmas Eve and usually don’t escape until… Read More »

Quick Christmas favourites

Christmas time is stressful enough without the extra pressure of long and difficult recipes. We want to be celebrating with friends and family, not chained to the stove. Fast Christmas contains all those favourite festive recipes but with hacks that mean they can be on the table in no time at all. Ingredients 1/2 cup… Read More »

Christmas Eve at 10pm is most likely time for heart attack – how to spot the signs

Watch those stress ­levels tomorrow – 10pm on Christmas Eve is the most likely time for a heart attack. Researchers trawled through details of 283,000 heart attacks between 1998 and 2013 to find out what days were most lethal. While an average of 50 heart ­attacks were recorded every day, that number climbed to 69… Read More »