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From Loss of Erection to Hitting Climax Early, Here are Smart Ways to Cope with The Most Awkward Sex Situations

Sex (Photo Credits: Unsplash) Sex is no doubt fun, but the performance pressure can make it challenging too. Sometimes, sex can become clumsy and a bit too awkward and uncomfortable. In a recent survey, 24 percent of women responded, saying that sex made them feel uneasy. From your partner finishing before you reached the big… Read More »

How to cope when the holiday season doesn’t feel like a wonderful life: COLUMN

Even a wonderful life sometimes doesn’t feel very wonderful when the ghosts of Christmases past don’t just float back, they rush in to remind us how terrible we are or how life’s burdens are just too great. So we stockpile our perceived failures to validate and unwrap old shames and self-hatred. Personal negativity then merges… Read More »

How to Cope with Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy is a treatment that makes use of anti-cancer drugs to cure cancer cells. This process has been used for countless years. While it can be quite beneficial, it brings adverse reactions because chemotherapy medicines do not only reach cancer cells but also other areas of the body. These include fatigue, dry mouth, nerve changes,… Read More »