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How to Fix the COVID-19 Crisis in 30 Days

In a June 22, 2020, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service press release,1 Damien Downing, president of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, outlines how we could resolve the COVID-19 pandemic in 30 days for about $ 2 per person, simply by taking affirmative action to raise vitamin D levels. The downside or risk of doing this… Read More »

Number of cybersecurity attacks increases during COVID-19 crisis

The Department of Health and Human Services has reported an increase in cybersecurity breaches in hospitals and healthcare providers’ networks which may be due to COVID-19. Between the months of February and May of this year, there have been 132 reported breaches, according to the HHS. This is an almost 50% increase in reported breaches during… Read More »

Crisis Underscores That Health Workers Are Backbone of Health System

—By Ivy Bourgeault, Sarah Simkin & Caroline Chamberland-Rowe In country after country, members of the public are clapping from their doorways and balconies to show their appreciation of health workers.  It is becoming clearer than ever that our health system is largely our health workers. Ventilators do not work without health workers; testing does not… Read More »

Wuhan’s covid-19 crisis: Intensive care doctors share their stories

Three doctors reveal what it was like at the heart of Hubei province’s coronavirus crisis, as the epidemic peaked in Wuhan and spread elsewhere Health 15 April 2020 By Donna Lu An intensive care unit at Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, ChinaXinhua/Xiong Qi/Pa Images WUHAN – the city where the coronavirus pandemic began – has partially… Read More »

How ex-Olympian overcame her ‘major identity crisis’ and became an entrepreneur

As is the case right now with many fitness professionals, COVID-19 seemed to put Fleur Maxwell’s career on thin ice. Gown, $ 1,690 at Sportmax.com, “Mini Dome” earrings, $ 55 at FourEyesCeramics.com.Annie Wermiel/NY Post The professional figure skater, who competed for Luxembourg at the 2006 Winter Olympics, moved to New York only in December to… Read More »