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Why a Diagnosis Is Just the Start

I’ve worked as a professional psychologist for over ten years. I’ve practice in New York, Louisiana, and California. I’ve also practiced in Beijing, China. For the couple of years, I’ve taken a step back from my coaching/therapy practice and have traveled while writing my forthcoming book, Toxic Insecurity. My travels have taken me to countries… Read More »

How to diagnosis of asthma

Educate yourself about the condition – they cited information from 21 references. Wednesday said studies showed up to 30 per cent of the 4. Allergies There is considerable overlap between hay fever, use of this Web site is subject to the medical disclaimer. Asthma patients can learn to exercise safely, the content on this to… Read More »

How is allergies diagnosis

Diagnosis and screening of patients with hereditary angioedema in primary care. Apart from humoral and cellular defense, there are special local defense mechanisms of the organs that are in direct contact with the external environment. There are subtle differences between the edema, however, including a possible fever and more severe pain if the cause is an injury… Read More »

Onion allergy: Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more – Medical News Today

When a person is allergic to onions, their immune system reacts as if the onions are a dangerous substance. The result is allergic symptoms that can be severe, such as vomiting, itching, swelling, and difficulty breathing. As onions are a commonly used ingredient in food, they can be difficult to avoid, so it is important… Read More »

Lewy Body Dementia Research Seeks Faster, Earlier Diagnosis

Imagine driving and forgetting where you’re going. Or feeling tremors in your hands when you try to pick up something. Imagine seeing someone or something that’s not there. These are possible signs of Lewy body dementia (LBD), a complicated memory and movement disease affecting more than 1 million Americans. LBD is associated with abnormal brain… Read More »