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When diet doesn’t lower cholesterol

Also had a CT coronary calcium scan: score of 26, lDL was associated with 2 phenotypes. Avoid using substance, hDL Cholesterol and Cancer Risk Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes. I have a different problem: I’m following a LCHF diet and it works for me perfectly, lifestyle changes can help you keep your medication dose… Read More »

Even identical twins don’t react the same way to the same foods — which is why most diet advice doesn’t work – CNBC

Image Source | Getty Images Dietary advice seems to change every decade. Fat is bad, then suddenly it’s good again. Nowadays, for many people, carbs are the enemy. But it turns out that healthy dietary guidelines can’t be boiled down into simple rules. A new crop of studies, which leverage the latest health testing and… Read More »

Wind Turbine Noise Doesn’t Cause Cancer, but This Does

Twitter had a field day when President Donald Trump bashed wind power, telling House Republicans: “They say the noise causes cancer.” Tweeted @Pourmecoffee: “Get the Bose Cancer Cancelling headphones.”  Spoiler alert: Wind turbine noise does not cause cancer. There isn’t a scintilla of evidence in scientific literature that the noise from wind turbines is linked… Read More »

How to cope when the holiday season doesn’t feel like a wonderful life: COLUMN

Even a wonderful life sometimes doesn’t feel very wonderful when the ghosts of Christmases past don’t just float back, they rush in to remind us how terrible we are or how life’s burdens are just too great. So we stockpile our perceived failures to validate and unwrap old shames and self-hatred. Personal negativity then merges… Read More »