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“Blood test finds 50 types of cancer” – we’ve been down this path before

Shoddy, incomplete, fawning news coverage of screening tests is one of the most clearly established problems in health news coverage – something HealthNewsReview.org has revealed countless times over the past 15 years. A public relations news release 22 days ago – from “a healthcare company whose mission is to detect cancer early” – touted study… Read More »

YouTube takes down Xinjiang videos, forcing rights group to seek alternative

The group, credited by international organizations like Human Rights Watch for drawing attention to human rights violations in Xinjiang, has come under fire from Kazakh authorities since its founding in 2017. Serikzhan Bilash, a Xinjiang-born Kazakh activist who co-founded the channel and has been arrested multiple times for his activism, said government advisors told him… Read More »

Entrepreneur & Musician Niyah Smith Breaks Down the Financial Side of the Music Business

The unique world created by the music has created room for talented artists to capitalize in the music industry. Niyah Smith better known as Niyah Smith Musician, aged 29 is a musician, A&R & artist manager, he is also a producer, songwriter, engineer & artist consultant. In a recent interview, he answered some questions about… Read More »