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Statins side effects: The drug is known to cause issues with the bowels – what to spot

The risks of any statin side effects also have to be balanced against the benefits of preventing serious problems. A review of scientific studies into the effectiveness of statins found around one in every 50 people who take the medicine for five years will avoid a serious event, such as a heart attack or stroke,… Read More »

Statins side effects: Three warning signs of ‘life-threatening’ rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis can lead to liver damage, kidney failure and death. The muscle-wasting condition flags three crucial warning signs that require medical attention. What are they? One of the “most common” signs of rhabdomyolysis includes “severe muscle aching throughout the entire body”, certified the Mayo Clinic. The other two symptoms are “muscle weakness” and “dark or… Read More »

Health effects diet soda

By looking at the measurement of participants’ waists, it was found that people “who reported occasional use — drinking less than one diet soda a day — waist circumference increased almost 2 inches. What you should know about rose water. Request Appointment. A growing body of evidence suggests that diet soda consumption correlates with an… Read More »

Effects of gluten free diet

I have been wheat free for a year and half and have never felt better. But, by avoiding wheat, I can come off my asthma medications and breathe through my nose. While many of these may be excellent reasons to switch to a gluten free diet, the only reason to cut out gluten that is… Read More »

Side effects from gluten free diet

A recent systematic review evaluated cardiovascular disease diet factors and their possible association with a gluten or nutritional deficiencies 65. However, non-celiac gluten sensitivity effects not been associated with an increased risk of free disorders. I find the From ffrom side for me – no grains, reading every label and GFD in patients with celiac.… Read More »