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Public health experts do about-face on social distancing to support protests

Public health experts who backed strict social distancing polices for months during the pandemic have softened that stance to allow for large protests following the death of George Floyd, leading to bitter accusations of double standards. On Tuesday, 1,288 healthcare professionals and medical students signed their names to an open letter backing the protests on… Read More »

Countries in the Middle East are easing coronavirus restrictions. Here’s what experts have to say

Women wearing masks for protection against the coronavirus, walk in the Mall of Dubai on April 28, 2020, after the shopping center was reopened as part of moves in the Gulf emirate to ease lockdown restrictions imposed last month. Karim Sahib | AFP | Getty Images The coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East is likely… Read More »

Coronavirus could hurt the longer fights against diseases including AIDS and tuberculosis, medical experts warn

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. As the world focuses on the coronavirus pandemic, experts fear losing ground in the long fight against other infectious diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis and cholera that kill millions every year. Also at risk are decadeslong efforts that allowed the World Health… Read More »

Experts teaming up to evaluate protocol for reuse of N95 masks

The growing severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and challenges in the supply chain have resulted in severe shortages of N95 masks and reports of frequent mask reuse. This practice poses serious safety risks to healthcare workers. To help decision-makers develop back-up procedures that are as safe as possible, researchers from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley,… Read More »

Waive Fees for Coronavirus Tests and Treatment, Health Experts Urge

New York is among the first states in the country to waive some fees and expenses for people who undergo testing for the coronavirus, as public health officials are increasingly worried that medical bills will discourage the poor and uninsured from getting medical care. The federal government is also considering paying for care for those… Read More »