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Why coronavirus-related delays in cancer screenings are concerning, according to experts

Delayed cancer screenings amid the pandemic may result in more patients presenting with advanced forms of the disease in the future, doctors worry. “We are certainly worried about the impact of delays in screening and treatment for cancer patients,” Dr. Bob Keenan, chief medical officer of the Florida-based Moffitt Cancer Center, wrote in a statement. Keenan noted the… Read More »

‘Sitting ducks’: Experts clash on jab

A top Australian infectious diseases expert has questioned the country’s choice of COVID-19 vaccines, saying: “We need to be reaching for the big guns.” “We’re talking about an immune naive population. We have no immunity whatsoever,” Monash University’s Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah said on ABC’s Q&A on Thursday night. “We’re literally sitting ducks. We need to… Read More »

Use of Dexamethasone to Treat Trump Suggests Severe Covid-19, Experts Say

President Trump’s doctors offered rosy assessments of his condition on Sunday, but the few medical details they disclosed — including his fluctuating oxygen levels and a decision to begin treatment with a steroid drug — suggested to many infectious disease experts that he is suffering a more severe case of Covid-19 than the physicians acknowledged.… Read More »