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Are you super flexible? Physiotherapist answers hypermobility FAQ’s

Are you way more flexible than all your friends? You may have hypermobility. Physiotherapist & Healthista Collective Expert Finola Burrell answers FAQ’s on hypermobile joints Joint hypermobility is defined as a condition where most of an individual’s joints move beyond the normal range. You can have a hypermobile joint but if several joints are involved,… Read More »

How Long Does it Take for Botox to Work? 11 FAQs

Botox treatment for crow’s feet, forehead, and in between the eyebrows has hiked in popularity in the past decade, particularly in the last year. One reason for this has to be the increasing popularity of online dating and meeting apps that have put our faces on the display more than ever before. This article talks… Read More »

Miss World 2019 FAQs: From Date, Venue, Reigning Miss World Name to Winner Predictions, Here’s Everything to Know About the 69th Edition of Beauty Pageant

Miss World Contestants and Last Year’s Winner (Photo Credits: @MissWorldLtd/ Twitter) It is the time for the beauty queens from around the world to slay the ramp of the prestigious beauty pageant—Miss World. With 111 participants representing their home countries, the 69th edition of the beauty pageant will be held on December 14, 2019. The… Read More »