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The Great Vaccine Scare Reaches Fever Pitch

The topic of vaccines has always been controversial, but it reached a fever pitch during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it became sacrilegious to speak out against them, or even question their safety and efficacy. In 2021, investigative journalist Paul Thacker became a target of what he calls “the Great Vaccine Scare — hysteria about any… Read More »

New research traces the origins of trench fever

First observed among British Expeditionary Forces in 1915, trench fever sickened an estimated 500,000 soldiers during World War I. Since then, the disease has become synonymous with the battlefield. But now, new research from an international team of scientists has uncovered evidence challenging this long-held belief. The research, published this week in PLOS ONE, outlines… Read More »

When to give pain relief for fever

This syndrome can cause brain and liver damage. Though Nurofen Soft Chews can be taken without water, your child should still take plenty of fluids to help manage their pain or fever. This process inflames the lining of the sinuses, when to give pain relief for fever, and nasal passages to create the symptoms noted… Read More »

Can antibiotics give you a fever

If your child has a fever but is still playing and for the most part is still acting like himself; visit a doctor anyway because any fever that persists can be a very alarming sign. Ear infection: The diagnosis strikes fear in the hearts of parents, usually giving antibiotics would be enough to reduce a… Read More »

Scarlet fever strikes UK: Hundreds of children report rash – what are the symptoms?

Scarlet fever is a highly contagious infection which causes a number of symptoms. The illness most commonly affects children, but in rare cases can also affect adults. Scarlet fever is a bacterial illness caused by Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria. The illness commonly affects children, and often results in a fever and a large red rash on… Read More »